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  Our Mission and Company Profile

BC Services is dedicated to fulfilling your Technical needs!

BC Services was established in 1990 to assist small business and home owners with a customized solution to fit there needs. We specialize in maintaining and securing servers and workstations. We also design, install, maintain and secure networks. Create Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions. We also provide residential computer repairs, backup solutions, wireless and wired networking.


Your goals are our goals. A partnership with us gets you an inexpensive, sensible solution to your computing needs. Solutions you will not hear from salespeople at computer superstores, solutions that use industry standard technology to achieve exceptional results, solutions that stand the test of time. You can feel comfortable knowing our reputation is solidly established throughout surrounding areas. Our clients know us for always offering the most conscientious service, achieving top-notch results through the advantage of an unwavering commitment to their welfare.



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If you use the internet, There is over 90% chance your computer is infected with spyware - Source CNN



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