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Cleaning and Tune Up:

Itís easy to confuse PCs that have simply had too many applications and drivers installed on them, with those suffering the ravages of obsolescence.  Just because a system seems slow does not mean it is outdated.  When many drivers and applications are installed and removed over time, it can leave behind remnants, such as unused files and configuration settings.  That means Windows takes up more space on the hard drive and in memory.

If you feel you have an unusually slow PC, ask yourself if software has been frequently added and/or removed. If the answer is yes, consider a Cleaning.

What we do:

  Critical updates

  Update antivirus definitions and insure settings are properly set

  Detection and correction of Windows problems

  Removal of temporary files

  Defragmentation of file system

  Removal of internet spyware and ad programs

We are offering a Cleaning Special for $175.00 [reg. $225.00] in shop only. Please mention this promotional offer when you call in or email us for service. This offer can not be combined with any other special.

CLEANING SPECIAL: All of the above services are performed by experienced computer technicians.


Wireless Security Check: 

Is your wireless network secure? We can tell you if it is!

Are you certain your neighbors aren't piggy backing on your wireless network at your expense, or worse, accessing your personal files?

We'd be happy to tell you with certainty if your computer is configured correctly and securely, thus protecting your personal data. Remember, most wireless access points come with the security features disabled! How can you tell if your network is secure? Call BC Services. We can tell if your network is secure, or not, simply by driving by your home or business.  

The cost for us to facilitate this test, and of course, give you peace-of-mind. We charge $75 [reg.  $100], includes one hour testing and adjustments to optimize and secure your wireless environment.

In addition to security issues, if too many users are accessing the Internet via your wireless network, you could notice a decrease in performance.

Please mention this promotional offer when you call in or email us for service. This offer can not be combined with any other special.




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If you use the internet, There is over 90% chance your computer is infected with spyware - Source CNN



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